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Auris T-180 Cold Start Problem (A.k.a. Auris 2.2 D-Cat)


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I decide to contact you as one of my last hopes for resolving problems with my Toyota Auris 2.2 D-4D D-CAT DPF (2008, with 34200miles on clock). The problem is simple but it`s driving me crazy for more than 8months now, because I can`t find solution.

Car is having problems with cold start and first time ignition only. When trying to start the car it`s having difficulty in ignition, it fails to start or it take from 5-15 seconds to start it. As is said before car was 3 time at Toyota service center for repair and not a single problem was occurred on computer diagnostics (not even at history of car computer) with no mechanical problem at all. The diagnose of service center is bad diesel fuel and I believe that they not quite right about it. They also did clean EGR valve, update main computer soft. (version December 2011) and changed fuel filter (there was no water, rust, dust, or anything like that in filter).

Problems occur more often at the cold weather (I was unable to start the at all car this winter during low temperatures –15C although there was Liqui Molly additive in diesel). In last few days when temperatures are higher I noticed the problem persist although 4 weeks ago fuel filter was changed (by recommendation of Toyota service).

I also did record one of attempts for starting a car and upload it on YouTube, you can view it right here:

Since first day I bought Auris I always use same petrol station / same diesel fuel, at same small town. Occasionally when I have chance I use premium petrol station that have good reputation for quality fuels. The theory about bad diesel fuel is questionable because I own Smart ForFour CDI which use same diesel fuel as Auris for more than 6 yrs now and I never had similar problems. ForFour has also DPF filter and EGR valve too. And how it is problem occurs now, 4 years later and not immediately first weeks after using it?

As I said problem is related to outside temperature. These days temperature is about 5-15Celzius and it`s still having problems. No other signs are noticeable (no black smoke, no loosing power, no bad engine noise, etc....) it just won`t start normally and smoothly as it used to.

Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations and advice are more than welcome. :help2:

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Mine had this exact problem and my dealer initially blamed it on a faulty Battery, this was changed and improved but not solved the problem.

Then it was suggested that my glow plugs might be faulty, but there was never a fault code diagnosed for it.

Then it was suggested that the injectors might be faulty, again no fault code and it was not replaced.

Then it was suggested that the EGR was blocked, this was cleaned and made no difference.

It was then suggested that the type and viscosity of oil is to blame, I never deviated from the suggested 5w30 oil during my ownership, so this one I was never able to prove. But changing from semi to fully synth oil did not make a difference.

Finally as I ran out of ideas and frankly patience, I tried what many believed to be 'snake oil' which was a dose of Redex Diesel cleaner in every tank. Now this gave me the most improvements that I was able to observe over a period of time, the problem never went away as such, but the difference was starting time of 10 seconds to about 6 seconds with the Redex. No doubt Redex and such products divides opinions on their efficacy, but I did see a difference.

Anyway, it appears some 2.2's are more prone to others and no one has been able to prove it one way or another, but I do sympathize as it did annoyed/concerned me.

Good luck.

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I own Auris 2007 2.0 D4d, same problem and no solution on horizon, its so annoying, last answer I got from dealer is, if the car strarts in 30 seconds there is nothing wrong with it

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