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Noise From Handbrake

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Can anyone help please, prepared/checked my corolla over last weekend, ready for MOT next Saturday, all the brakes are actually working fine, and the handbrake will hold the car on any hill at 6/7 clicks, but if the handbrake is on, then I release it to move the car forwards, and then apply the hadbrake whist still moving forwards then there's a loud bang from the back somewhere, doesn't matter at what speed, even a couple of miles an hour is enough.

It doesn't do it if moving backwards only forwards, and once it's banged if I don't actually stop, just give the lever a quick flick to make it go bang, then it won't do it again, until I've come to a complete stop and applied the handbrake as you normally would, any ideas anyone ?

Also noticed that if I have the rear wheels off the ground on a jack or axle stands, and have the handbrake on, then I can move both the rear wheels back and forth by a few degrees, after this small amount of movement though the wheels are locked solid as they should be, looks to me like my problem above is related to this, but should the wheels do this ? and is it likely to pass an MOT like it ?

Any advice will be much appreciated, Dave.

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Yes I know what you mean, I have had that disturbing loud bang - its as if the shoes have stuck to the drum and the cars movement breaks the seal between them causing the bang - I assume. ( though it might be something to do with the pads /calipers rather than the shoes)

It occured moreso after fitting new discs/drums, shoes and pads.

When setting up the drum /shoes I found centralising the shoes difficult, you would always get a high spot as you turned the wheel round.

Even when you adjust the handbrake lever you never get rid of it completely, though its never seems to bind badly enough to cause the drum / wheel to heat up.

With some use I find both problems fade away and also note that the mpg seems to go up a couple of mpg .

They were new when I had mine in for mot , his only comment was it was nice to see a car in such good order !

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Thanks for your reply oldcodger, sorry I didn't reply sooner been a busy week at work, been there night and day, anyway took the car for MOT this afternoon and it passed no problem, just the headlights needed adjusting but I knew that, also knew they would adjust them for me, as the last time I went for MOT (different car) they adjusted the headlights and changed a blown number plate bulb I'd missed free of charge, (Just MOT's) can't fault them, used them for my past 3 MOT's now, they send me a special offer email now & then for booking more than 2 months in advance, year before last I got one over christmas and booked my MOT in August for £15, really can't emphasize how good they are.

Only had one advisory and that was a front brake imbalance at 24%, has to be 25% or lower for a pass, but can't feel nothing in the car, it pulls up in a straight line every time and the tester said to me 'it's not enough of an imbalance to be able to feel it in the car', so when the pads get a bit lower and I change them I'll give everything a good clean and copper-grease everything as I normally do, then get the imbalance checked.

After worrying about the handbrake though I nearly choked when the tester said, 'the balance on the rear brakes is perfect though, reads 0%, we don't see too many of them'.

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