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D4D Engine Knock

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sussed out the problem , engine is goosed did an autopsy on engine when out no 1 and no 2 cylinders scored and pistons scored , i the wondered why it looked like lack of oil , so i took off sump and the strainer on the end of the pick up pipe was blocked with black hard crystals [a bit bigger than sugar grains ] this had obiously reduced the oil flow to cylinders causing contact in the bores ,any ideas as to what causes them, the rest of the engine internally is spotless and at some point has had the bores glazebusted also i wondered if its had the engine flushed with flushing oil leaving all the crud in the sump if so let this be a warning to all

before i post this i showed the pickup pipe to a mechanic who does a fair bit of work for taxis avensis d4d are well favoured he says its not uncommon and has cleaned three so far this year one had a new turbo on fitted by toyota which didnt last long he suspected the strainer when the sump came off you geussed it, blocked up it was also he reckons the original reason for turbo failure originally.

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