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Iq2 Congestion Charge Question


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I have a Toyota IQ2 purchased in May 2009. Could you please let me know if it is necessary to pay Conjestion Charge and Road Tax for this car? i've looked online but cannot find a definitive answer.

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Does your car need a Tax Disc now?

Maybe do a DVLA online check, you put in your Registration number and it tells you the cost of your Road Fund Tax renewal.


go to 'vehicle enquiry'

Just put in Registration Number & Make & submit.

Is it the LEZ 'congestion charge for your car you mean?

Again you just check the 2012 website with your Registration number.


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Don't know about the congestion charge but if you check your vehicle emmissions (on your V5 Registration Document) and if it is under 100gkm then you will not have to pay for a tax disc - although you will still need to get one annually

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As your car is registered prior to July 2010 you WILL have to pay the charge. iQ1 and 2 registered after this date dont have to pay! :(


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What is a congestion charge guys? We don't have that here in the States.

It's a money making rip off, started in London to reduce emissions in the city, it was brought in on the back of the environmental issue but has turned into a money making scam, lower CO2 cars get exempt from a charge, anything else going through the city has to pay a daily charge, other cities want to do it to raise money. The whole of London is ringed with CCTV and if you happen to stroll into the congestion charge area you will be butt clenched until you pay lol

I'm sure others will be along to complain, it has never affected me, I don't drive in London, but it generates millions for the city


Kingo :thumbsup:

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Seriously, you have to pay a single day charge if you drive in London? I thought our systems were screwed up here. That's a racket the Mafia would be proud of.

Here we have several freeways in California that were built many years ago with tax payer dollars. The state came through and designated a couple of lanes as "high occupant" lanes, carpool lanes where at least three occupants are required and they charge you per trip. The fee varies depending on what time of the day you are traveling. Rush hour costs up to $12.00 to go from Orange to Riverside counties, a 15 miles trip. The state supplies you with a transponder that stays in the vehicle and when you pass the toll sign it deducts the current amount from your bank account. So we paid our taxes to build the road and pay for the privilege of using it. Bah!

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