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Update To Steering Problem


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After my 4-wheel alignment didnt solve any problems I have booked the car in for the third time in two weeks since picking it up for Toyota to try and solve my problems. The above picture shows the position that the steering wheel falls into 9 times out of 10 when coming to a complete stop. Sometimes it slightly less off centre sometimes its actually a full half turn. Has anyone else experienced this?

I also pointed out to the dealer that I've noticed a high pitched squeel coming from the drivers side when in slow moving traffic, this noise dissapears once the brakes are applied but then can be heard as soon as the brakes are released getting louder up to about 10mph at which point it dissapears.

Any ideas guys?

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has the Auris got a steering angle sensor? i had this problem on a customers car (mgtf) and was the sensor which was not set correctly but cant find anything on the net about this,

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my steering wheel does exactly the same, i dont know if it was there before i had a replacement steering column fitted last year under warranty, but i started to notice it after the new column had been fitted. i also had toyota carry out a 4 wheel laser alignment check, which didnt make any difference. it only occurs at very low speed, and without applying the brakes, but if i try it with no camber on the road surface, ie up the middle of a quiet road or car park it dosnt do it. it does it both left and right on a cambered road, its almost as if the wheel is weighted down when a toyota tech came out with me he was baffled (this was last year) i have the 45 profile on my wheels, dont know if this adds to the problem, but i just live with it now, and put it down to the ultra light electric power steering at slow speeds ?

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