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2010 Aygo Black


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I bought this Aygo Black just over a week ago to get my 17 year old son some practice on L plates and also give me a good car for day to day travel that has reasonable economy (anything better than 20 mpg is a bonus)

First experiences of the Aygo have been very positive. The car is 18 months old 10500 miles on the clock from a Toyota dealer and essentially it feels new. My requirements were 4 doors, air con and no dinks or scratches.

I test drove a non dealer 2008 Platinum that was £5900 with 26,000 and it was OK but it had a few bits of loose trim (rear door inside) and the air con was not cold . The engine felt a little slack to me and the clutch position a bit high so I went to a dealer and they were charging £6995 for Aygo Black 2010 cars with various mileages. They were willing to replace a scratched alloy, buff out a little scuff that was hardly noticeable, put in new mats and a glovebox door on the one I picked out. The car had the balance of the 5 year warranty and drove much better than the earlier one.

Not being one to spend huge amounts of time searching, the deal was done and the car bought in less time than I would spend choosing a fridge.

I have been out with my son each day and he is getting better and stalls less frequently in just a week. The economy from the first tank is only 46mpg but to be honest it has been stop start/stop start/ stall/traffic jam/stop start/stall............. so I am not too dissappointed with that .

I can get a trolley load of shopping in the tiny boot and it is so easy to park compared to our 17 year old Mercedes that turns more slowly than the Titanic.

Negatives - very few . I would like two electronic keys, the radio/cd good be better, height adjustment on the driver seat would be good to have, light in the boot would be good.

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have to agree with you we were dissapointed with the fuel economy mid fortys expected a few more than that its no where near what the manufacturers quote

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