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Blue Smoke ?


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Hi all just on to find out if any body else has had the problems i have had and if the problem has gone away at 17000 miles my car was pouring out blue smoke ,i informed the dealers and they replaced the turbo on my 1.4 tr Auris they informed me there had been a update on the turbo and that was what caused the smoke ,I went away and a few days later once again the blue smoke came back and also an irratic idle first thing in the morning so again into the garage and was now informed it needed a new short motor has there was piston slap so they had my car a week putting in the new short motor part of the engine when i got my car back i drove it again for a couple of weeks and i thought it was all ok until one day i was just sat on the side of the road with my engine idling for about 10 to 15 mins and when i drove away there was a mass of blue smoke coming from the exhaust again , so you guessed it back into the garage to be now told the injectors are faulty so in to replace the injectors , my car has now done 56000 miles had a new turbo, new injectors and a new bottom engine and still when the car sits on idle for a while and then you set off and drive it there is masses of blue smoke comming out of the exhaust for about 20 sec and then it clears up can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything like this or maybe know the problem so that i can confront the garage before my warranty runs out , there is also a knock on the first gear only now and again when you set off uphill which maybe a bolt that might need tightening which may have been done when they put the new engine (short motor ) in .Any comments would be greatly appreciated

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That is again the only part of the engine they haven't replaced the top half, much appreciated will get in touch with the toyota dealer to see what they say

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