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Evidence Of Clocking On A Corolla?


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hi all,

going to look at a v clean 2006 Corolla being sold through a private sale?

this is the machine http://cars.donedeal...le/cars/3234497

there is no service history so seller has to be taken at his word

anyone know do corollas exhibit tell tale signs if they have been clocked? or all is not well

is there something about clocks not rising equally or something

all info appreciated

can I ring up a toyota garage give them the reg and they will be able to check for a service history?

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The rollas have digital milometers so there is no way I know you can tell, unlike the mechcanical ones possibly not lining up.

A Toyota dealer might be able to help re servicing but a long shot, though doubltful with it not being in the uk.

The MOT certificates have the mileage on them, though not sure what kind of mot they use in Poland ?

The usual way to tell if its been used for high mileage is the condition of the drivers seat and the pedal rubbers, and the steering wheel and handbrake lever being worn shiney.

A general inspection of the engine bay should also give you a clue.

70,000km is a fair mileage for the year.

Looking at that car I would not touch it - first its way too expensive for a standard 1.4 at £5900, you have no comeback or protection at all when you buy it.

There are many better deals to have with genuine UK sellers, pay a little more and you get a dealers warranty.

If buying privately alway check it out first with a HPI type serach, some also include insurance against it being a clone or write off etc

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Ha Ha - Should have had my reading glasses on ! only looked at the front page photo - thought it said Pl

Think if you do a quick search on the web at sites like Auto Trader or similar local ones you will see the same motor is being sold by dealers for £ 4995 - though some do go up to £5995.

Of course you will get a degree of warranty from a dealer - nothing from a private buyer.

Also the 1.4 is, well the 'standard' Corolla, the 1.6 and above demand a better price.

I bought my late 2006 1.6 when it was just 4 years old for £4700 privately in vgc , certainly would not recommend paying any more than that for 1.4

If you are not happy about mechanically checking out the car don't forget that many places now will do a hands on test of the car for you, here our AA and RAC offer that kind of inspection, not sure what your similar breakdown organisations are.

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