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Replacing The Dipped Beams Mk2, Help Please.


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Hi, has anyone replaced the dipped lights?

The passenger side light looks like a right ball ache to access and i think you need to remove the bumper, but has anyone found better ways to remove the actual housing without removing the bumper ? or at least pushing the housing its self forward for access?


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If it's bulb replacement you mean then access is slightly better once the lid to the fuse box is removed. I find having the owners manual handy for figuring out the spring fastener is held as you basically have to work blind.

If it's the whole headlight unit you're removing then that's a different story.

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It's only the lid you remove to gain 'slightly' better access, or you could employ the services of a small handed person to do the deed for you! Be careful when removing and refitting the rubber boot as I somehow managed to get it lodged in the inner wing.

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