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Daytime Running Light Enable.

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Hey Guys

I want to enable the Daytime Running Lights on the T-Sport as daytime light is required in Denmark by law.

I imported the T-sport from the UK but there it doesn't have Daytime running lights, meaning that I have to turn onthe lights manually.

Not really a problem other than my wife forgets to turn the lights both on and off, risking both a fine and a flat Battery. also with the lights on the instrument panel light gets dimmed so in bright sun I cant read the speedo.

So, I want to enable the daytime lights, does anyone know if the car is pre wired up for this? looking at the (american) wiring diagram on http://2zzge.com/library/Corolla%202ZZGE/2004/Wiring%20Manual/

it looks like there is a relay for this purpose.

So the question is: Can I just buy a relay and plug it in?

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Been thinking about DRL myself, but looking at that headlight pdf and relay D2, it looks like quiet a complex relay with at least 16 connections, so assume its a custom made Toyota only part, and probably rather expensive .

As to if all the wiring is present to make the relay and DRL work .... ?? The wiring may be there but from experience of looking for some similar unused wires, they are there but were taped well back inside the wiring loom and not easy to get at.

It might just be easier and cheaper to get a simple relay with the coil operated from the main live ignition feed and the points connected to the headlights or some separate DR Light clusters.

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