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Anybody got any experiences with k&n panel filter in a 1.6 auris and what do you think,worth it or not.thanks in advance.........

If you do a search you will find several posts on the subject.

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I used the K&N panel filters on my last two cars, a Mazda6 2.3 and a Seat Leon 1.9TDi. No discernible difference. The only advantage I gained was that I never need to buy another filter as all i need to do is clean it every 25k miles and re-oil it. Guaranteed for the life of the car.

Your choice.

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I had the K&N filter on mine and it mad a MASSIVE difference to the sound the car produced, especially when flooring it. I'm actually selling mine because I'm selling the Auris so I've got a few parts I'm selling. PM me if you would be interested.

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Err, sorry but to say it makes a 'massive difference' is somewhat overstating things ! It makes a small difference to the induction noise, but virtually no noticeable improvement in performance. I've had several K&N panel filters over the years & they nearly all perform in this manner.

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I agree with Uncle Buck, the difference is never 'Massive' and in most cases, barely noticeable.

A few years ago I saw a video on the net somewhere that showed a bloke testing 'performance' filters against a standard filter.

He rigged up an airbox to a hoover to replicate the suction, then fitted some sort of gauge in the air pipe to measure the amount of air getting through.

Every performance filter he tested showed a DROP in air flow compared to the standard filter.

He also explained that the paper filter did a better job of catching smaller particles so it was keeping the engine internals cleaner.

Keen to justify my expensive 'performance' filter, I hooked up VAGCOM to my Leon, and measured air flow over a range of distances, times, gears etc and compared it to the standard filter.

Performance filter went in the bin when I graphed the reading and compared them!

Now i just clean the paper one every so often and replace at service intervals.

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