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E11 Five To Six Speed Gearbox Swap

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just wondering if its a straightforward swap, if i can pick up a six speed box. mine only the 1332cc, but could use that extra gear. or is it not worth the hassle.

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Youll have to make sure that you get one from a 1.3 g6 as the 1.6 g6r 6 speed has a different bell housing.

Youll also need the shifter cables, and interior shift box. Drive shafts IIRC are the same.

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Ill echo that - i have a 6 speed in my SR.

Basically 6th is the same if not slightly higher rpms than 5th was in my sportif. The box is really short ratio'd so if you were looking for higher mpg/less revs at motorway speed i wouldnt bother. However the short ratios means its alot better for acceleration ;)

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