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Corolla 100,000 Service

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Hi Guys

I am now due my 100,000 service. I want a full service and need some advice on what to change. I change the oil every 6 months but apart from that nothing has been changed in the last 3 years except brake pads which I had done recently.

Also I have noticed that when I put my foot down the engine revs high but the car doesnt pick up speed in line with the rev counter. Any idea what this could be? It actually sounds like an automatic changing gears.

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A bit strange that you should change the engine oil so fequently but neglect everything else ??

Gearbox Oil,. Brake and Clutch Fluid, Air, Oil and Pollen filters should all be changed.

Renew spark plugs

Coolant, should be checked and / or replaced dependant on whats in it now - is it toyota long life stuff ?

Check / clean Battery terminals etc check change batteries in keys/ remote controls

Check / renew aux drive belt

Thats just a lsit of things that need regular changing.....

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that sounds typical clutch slip,

I guess 100K on the original clutch is good,

Hi John. Does that mean the whole clutch will need replacing or some sort of a refurb?

it needs checking,does the clutch grip at any other time,how does it feel as you pullaway,what happens starting on a hill?

the work would mean spliting the engine /gearbox unit,but needs more advice than here,maybe a friendly mechanic would advise you,



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