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Few Questions Hope You Could Help Me

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Hi all,

I have a few questions hope you could help me.

My car is 1.33 engine and I have ordered it from France.

1. The owner manual is in French, where will I be able to find one in English?

2. Which synthetic Oil should I use? Since I am from the Middle East and the temperature could reach up to 50 degrees.

3. I ordered Oil filter from the UK specifically from Pentagontoyotaparts It says on the box that its made from china, I was just wondering if it was original or not.



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Hello again

The part no for the english owners manual is 01999-74008 available where you got your filter from, Pentagon for about £8.00 or you could look here and download it You need to dig into the link to find it. The filter from Pentagon would have been a genuine one. As for Oil the manual states 5-30 and generally its what we ue but where you are may be different. There are better qualified people on here than me when it comes to engines to advise you.


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