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Brodit Proclip Free To A Good Home (06-11 Yaris)

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Hello all.

I've got a spare Brodit ProClip 653742 to fit a 06 to 11 Yaris.


It's a two part system so you get this bit to fit the car then you buy another bit to fit your mobile and screw them together to get a perfect fit.

The problem for me is my partner's handbags have got really long straps and they're always getting caught on the holder. This is because it sits relatively low on the passenger side (see the photos on the brodit site). If your partner uses shorter strapped handbags (or you do) this might be fine for you.

I've replaced this one with their model that clips higher up on the air vents, so this is just sitting around doing nothing and it's a good system so it's a shame to just bin it.

Anyway, if you've got an 06-11 Yaris and like the Brodit system then this can be yours for nowt.

It's got the four screw holes in it from where my mobile adapter was but this is where you'd screw in your adapter and other than that it's as good new.

Let me know if you can give it a good home.



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I'd like to declare I'm interested in such a device for my TR ('08), looks like a good idea though shame about the partners handbags catching it.

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Hey Adam,

I just want to stress that this bit is only half of what's needed. You'll need to buy the other part designed for your phone. They're about £20 from Amazon.

If you're still wanting it drop me a personal message with your address and I'll chuck it in the post.

Take it easy,


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