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Touch Multimedia & Bluetooth

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Hello all

I have a Verso-s 2011 model fitted with the non-navigation touch multimedia system.

When I pair my iPhone 4 with os 5.1.1 installed everything is fine & all the contacts transfer.

As soon as you turn off the ignition & turn it on again I get a message to say that the phone has paired also the audio has paired & then a message to say 'Transfer failed'.

From this point on the phone will not work from the touch screen even though you can see that the phone is connected & all the contacts are there.

It would appear that every time that the phone pairs with the touch either the phone is not pushing the contacts or the touch is not receiving them.

Has any one else found this annoying problem?

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I have not had any problem with my touch multimedia, however I do not use an iPhone

My Sony Ericson Xperia Mini Pro works well with my non navigation system.

Have you found any solution yet?

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Yes we have had the same problem the reason for this is the latest update from Apple on your iPhone . My contract was almost completed so i change to a Samsung note everything works ok with the new phone. I hope this helps

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