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Plastic Bumper Repair?


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Hi all, I'm not into doing bodywork of any kind as I haven’t got the patience! The previous owners handy pre-sale patchwork is beginning to show itself under the O/S spot lamp on my 4.2! Quite surprised I didn't see this on inspection!

Is there an easy fix for this that I could do myself (attempt)?

I remember years ago you could buy colour coded 'plasters' to cover/patch up such things and you could hardly see the join!!

As a last resort has anyone got a bumper for sale in this colour code? (off two-tone Rav's) I'm trying to keep costs down as I've just recently shelled out a grand on a replacement (refurb) turbo inc fitting, the car drives great now though, lots more torque... very smooth and with no hiccups or hesitations and even seems to be more economical!

TIA, Steve




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Steve, the patches you are thinking about were reinvented for Toyota, they are "Toyota Stickerfix". I got one sent from Toyota UK as a sample when they first came out. I don,t know whether Toyota UK took them on. Best PM Kingo at Lindrop Toyota to see if they ever did. HTH

Regards Clare

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Clare if that's the sticky things I think you mean, a pack of those came with my first Yaris in 2003. They were oval shaped in different sizes. Don't know if they still do them, I've never seen anyone mention them on here and I didn't get any with my 2008 Yaris.

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