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The Absolute 2012 Aygo Review, Right Here

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bought the car a few months ago, a toyota aygo 1.0 2012 2dr, a whopping 67 hp (that's 1960's mini cooper s rallycar power here), SUPERLIGHT so 0-100 in warp, topspeed i'm not even trying for fear of going airborne, base+ model changed only to custom toyota 'almost-carbon-look' floormats for weight reduction.

Trunk space size is APOCALYPTIC, i keep my other car in it. My rims are custom toyota non-spinning wheelshells. I regularly have to peel deer, SUV's and hummers out of the front air hole cause they get sucked in when i ROAR over the road at high velocity. The sound is like a gt2 porsche 911, when i accellerate i constantly have to make sure i don't travel in time, which is hard when your eyeballs are touching the back of your skull. It's FIRE RED, so nobody mistakes it for a mere ferrari (FERRARI RED) when they see it flash by. It's very small on the outside, it fits in every parking space, including the ones that are occupied. Actually, Japanese scientists developed a special branch of technology to make it small enough to be the keyhanger of it's own starter key. But inside it is a PALACE, finished with luxurious interior design from front to back. This morning i open the door and Snoop Dogg was in it, he mistook it for his mansion. There is a field of buttons, technological marvels that put the space shuttle to shame. The 5-speed automatic gearbox is ran by the latest artificial intelligence for maximum comfort. There's 3 CUPHOLDERS in it. So far i didn't have to get gas yet, i suspect it developed lungs and runs on air.

Well actually it's a really good, small, cheap car, runs forever on a gastank, value for money, exactly what i was looking for (i didn't expect a bentley for that money). It's surprisingly roomy inside, easy u-turn, very good visibility, it looks spiffy outside and inside. The trunk space is solved by putting the rear seats down (goes easy from the trunk). The 4 wheels are on the corners so it drives REALLY fun. (and it really sounds similar to a porsche when you floor it).

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