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Toyota Subwoofer

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Hello all,

I have bought a toyota subwoofer (0869100834 matsu****a) but i dindt got the subwoofer cable with it (didnt bought it by a dealer).

So now a few weeks looking for connectors for the subwoofer but no result.

Also i called the dealer but they couldnt/wanted to help me.

So i got the following question'.

Can someone help me with the connections on the subwoofer witch pin is what.

and maybe where i can buy connectors that fit the subwoofer.

Hope you can help me.

Best regards,


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Okey this is what i found when i opend the subwoofer and its simlar as the other picture only where is standing acc its also GND.

So for me it is clear only have too look for some kind of connectors to connect on the pins.

Best Regards


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Here are some pat numbers that might get your started.

These are just a cut and paste from my own investigation into the series of connectors that Toyota uses.

RS Parts

680-4965 female crimp 025 series

712-1381 Plug housing 4 way 025 series

680-9651 male crimp 025 series

712-1867 316836-1 Female crimp 040

712-1924 1376109-1 male crimp 025

175269-1 Female crimp 090 series

175061-1 Male crimp 040 series

712-1968 680-4965 1123343-1/2 female crimp 025 series

712-1422 Plug housing 8 way 025 series

712-1517 Plug housing 4 way 025 series

712-1460 Plug housing 4 way 025 series

If it is the Toyota changer, the part number for the connector Shell (5+7 type) that goes into the radio is: 90980-10803

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