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Toyota Corolla Compressor Leeaking Shock Absorber


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Just put my compressor back on the road after the winter and noticed rear Eibach shock absorber leaking. I noted earlier they were lots of faults with the shock absorbers. What should i do pay Mr toyota approx £600 for one and then wait for the others to go to? Or should i go for a coil over kit. Thoughts appreciated. Has anyone else sourced any other shock absorbers for their car if so were did you get them

cheers Beks

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Hi Beks

I am in the same predicament. One of the rear shocks on my Compressor leaked all its oil the other week, the ride is now awful. Mr T wanted a hefty £690 for one replacement. The rears were only replaced two years ago by the previous owner for the sum of nearly £1000. There is no way I am going with the Toyota shocks, they are way over price and notorious for not lasting very long. I spoke to a guy this morning at europerformance, he looked up replacement shocks from Bilstein's catalogue that should fit the Compressor. A pair of rear Bilstein B8's have cost me £258 with delivery. They have to come form Germany so won't be delivered untill next week. Their phone number is 08717 034422 if you want to call them.

I did think about going for BC Racing coilovers, but a set of 4 including fitting is getting on for £1000.

I'll let you know how I get on with the Bilstein's.

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Howdy, I'm not looking forward to this problem, mine haven't gone as of yet but when they do I think I will be going down the coilover route. Seems to me if a part goes why not improve. Easier to justify to the misses that way to ;)

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