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Question About My '04 D4D Gearbox?

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Hi everyone, apologies for the first post being a tech question! I've done a search and nothing has come up.

The bearings in my '04 D4D gearbox after 125K have gone, I therefore purchased a 41K D4D gearbox off a local scrappy out of another '04.

My garage started the swap and told me the replacement is different and is the wrong gearbox. The scrappy is adamant it was out of an '04 D4D Yaris, so will fit, my garage says no. Scrappy has offerred a refund but is interested to know why it won't fit. My garage is investigating the serial numbers on both boxes. I will pop to the garage tomorrow and see for myself

Anyway to save time has anyone ever heard of two different types of gearboxes for the D4D around 2004? If so will both fit. I have come across brake components when servicing that are different, would a gearbox be the same? Seems a big component to carry two different part numbers!

For info the garage says mine is a big single housing and the replacement has a bolt on rear section (for what it's worth) :)

link to the replacement gearbox I bought

This is another one I've seen for sale and it does look different????

Thanks in advance.


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Okay, my garage has done some investigating, for the benefit of the Yaris community I'll post my findings.

There are two gearboxes for the MK1 D4D Yaris.

There is the earlier smaller gearbox with the sheet metal back end. (the replacement one I bought)

There is the later larger all aluminium casing, this was fitted on the MK1 D4D from sometime in 2004 (the one I had fitted from new).

The later larger all aluminium casing was an engineering change upgrade as the smaller gearbox was considered weaker and unable to cope with the high torque required for a diesel.

My garage has been told that you can fit the earlier gearbox on a MK1 Yaris that was originally fitted with the larger later gearbox ( I can't confirm if the later larger all aluminim gearbox fits the earlier MK1 D4D's). My garage confirmed to me that my driveshafts fit the smaller gearbox, also the clutch designed for my car fits too.

Therefore, just be aware if you get a replacement gearbox and ask a garage to fit it, you just may confuse the hell out of them as they are very different units. lol.

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