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Celica Gt4 Forged Engine Wanted!

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hi im after a forged engine for my st185rc possibly forged! ive seen 4 in the last few months for sale all wer cons had no receipts or didnt get back to me one guy didnt have a clue what size pistons they wer as he claimed 83mm wich put me off as they 86mm..i bought another rc engine low mileage i paid via paypal some subaru specialist in south wales very dodgy character watch out had me waiting a month and refunded my money the prik! he thougt hed con me until i said the engine would be checked by a gt4 specialist to see if was really a low mileage engine..things turned since never got the engine complete waste of time a very bad liar.

please no time wasters or cons im sick of dealing with dodgy characters..i know enough about these engines ive owned 2 gt4s. if you have a st185 block forged or even a mr2 possibly rev2 or even a st205 forged il be intrested in buying aslong as you can prove its cons engine will be checked with a microscope lens by a gt4 pro :) pm me or give us a shout thanks ...

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