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Ae111 Corolla 4Age Blacktop Conversion Thread

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Heya all this will be my build thread on one of a few sites mainly not keeping to one due to the more people read the more someone might help tongue.png


My Corolla smile.png

white ae111 with TTE bumpers and spoiler will get photos up smile.png

Its a 4a-fe engine on 55k currently ******!! Valve stems or piston ring as oil is beer bonged!

Full stainless steel manifold back exhaust

Ramair induction

TTE 16" mims alloys

Tegiwa gear knob

Omp deep dish wheel

Toyota bzr seats

G6r front grill


My doner car smile.png

Pre-face lift ae111 levin 1.6 20v on individual throttle bodies

5 speed LSD gearbox

Full catback exhaust (only use will be getting the car to longlife to get a new one)

Im undergoing the extraction of the blacktop at the moment will get photos and videos smile.png gonna be along job but its gonna shift like hell once done!!

My router is being funny at the moment so ill upload more pictures and stuff once it sorts it life out! :)

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Will get more pics once my router is up and running again also a video of my blacktop :) now its loom chasing time!


Edited to remove sale item - unpaid member

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chasing all the alarm out at the moment! what a ball ache! want to make sure its running with the alarm out that way ill have no immobiliser problems later!

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thoguht id post up some photos !

i know its dirty! but the weather at the moment i go to clean her and bam rain! haha shot of the g6r grill there if anyone comes across one buy it ! they make such a difference!


also changed the seats from my levin into the Corolla defiantly beats my grandad style seats!



any finally a little photo of the engine that will (hopefully) take my ae111 to a respectable power output! its not cleaned up in this photo or anything ill save that photo till its all done ;)


Just a little bit to keep you all happy ;) Thanks for looking all :)


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  • 2 months later...

Going well so far just building her back up :) also just sorted another car while mines in the garage getting it fitted :) so its all go right now the cars are so alike its great! Im expecting a little head scratching in a week or so but this baby will live!!


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Heya :) well its finely in all mounted down and mostly plumbed up! :D undergoing alot of wiring at the moment as its a !Removed! if im honest haha :P but I am most defiantly looking forward to having her running soon! once she starts ill be happy :) anyway here are some photos of the beauty in the bay I must say they look so at home in here!


online photo sharing

2 fuse boxes there might try to bridge the boxes one is engine loom and the other is front lights ect so may try bridge the boxes as the plugs are not the same.


online photo storage

Powered by..... well me actually!


photo upload

My baby in her former glory! just want to drive it again!


online photo sharing


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To keep you all informed it is alive :) and running perfectly!!! At the moment the only thing i don't have is dip beam and main beam,however i Do have the rear fog working which if you don't already know Toyota bridged the front lights with the rear fog switch, so its probably just missing 1 cable! Pictures are to follow soon and a video of it running :) hope your all as excited as I am :)


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