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Watch Out For Dodgey Diesel!

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Hi all,

I just want to say... be wary of where you buy your diesel these days! There is a lot of "washed" diesel and agricultural diesel being used as normal diesel at some filling stations. The consequences are obvious!

The Avensis D4D is a common rail diesel engine. These have to run on high grade diesel. Otherwise, you have problems with your injectors, your EGR valve, your fuel injection pump. your fuel filter. Symptoms include the lack of power, smokey exhausts, etc.

A mate of mine had a 2011 Toyota Avensis D4D and he filled it last week at a garage known for "washed" diesel. (He didn't know this.) He got 20 miles down the road and the engine failed...completely. The engine has to be replaced coz the acid they used to wash the diesel f**ked everything up.

So, just watch yourselves when you are filling up. Go to a decent garage. It might be more expensive per litre, but at least you know it won't destroy your car. And of course, you will get better MPG also when you use decent diesel.


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