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Fuel Gauge Under Reading

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Hi all.

A little advice, if you would.

My 04 Corolla T2 1.4 fuel gauge has been under reading for about six weeks or so and is getting worse. I must admit to brimming the tank once weekly, and instead of the needle being a couple of mm above the full mark, it now reads just below. It seems to be getting worse as time passes.

Is the fault most likely to be the fuel level sender (or possibly the float and / or arm)?

Can anyone tell me if the fuel level sender is also part of the fuel pump?

Thanks in advance


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It seems to be a separate unit, cliped on to the fuel pump.

Some very good diagrams if you download this manual / link in 'faders' recent post -see Fuel section.


If you have a good look though them it might tell you how to check the sensor and fuel gauge on the dash without taking things out.

According to the Haynes manual the sender, electrically disconnected, should return between 62 and approx 2 ohms.

Be aware they all state you should follow extra safety precautions when working on the fuel system.

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Cheers Oldcodger.

I shall have a look and see whats involved (it's soooo much easier on my bike with gravity fed carburettors).

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