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Mpg And Tyre Pressure

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I have an IQ 1.0 model (2010). I hadn't checked my tyre pressures for about 9 months and noticed that my average mpg was down to about 53 mpg.

I pumped up all four tyres to the recommended pressures (found on the inside of the drivers door) and voila, the mpg is now up to 61 mpg. I think each tyre was down by about 0.3-0.4 bar.


Happy IQ travel!!!


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This the reason i fitted tyre pressure sensors and temperature measurement. Some times in the morning , one or more tyres alarm at 29 psi but after about 2 miles they are all up to about 33 psi. Also you can tell if one of the breaks are binding. generally the rear tyres run about 11deg lower than the front ones.



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As you say David, my pressures go up about 2-3psi once the tyres are warm which is what you would expect, according to my TPMS.

I must say I find it a very useful piece of kit, to be able to keep an eye on the pressures on the go and be warned of any anomalies before they become a problem.


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Thanks for sharing your lack of concern for other road users and non road users (pedestrians)

for the last 9 months.

It is scary to think that 9 months takes you back to before the Winter, and you never checked your Tyre pressures.

From November 2012, new Type Approved cars in the EU wiil have to have TPMS's as standard.

Other cars tyre pressure monitors are often not on the wheels.

The ABS sensors monitor the tyres rolling radius for any dramatic changes.

The person changing the tyres or wheels chooses the tyre pressure and then 'Sets this on the car',

Any change in Rolling circumference iof a tyres is then 'noticed' by the ABS or TC system and a warning given.

So there can be problems in this like towing and sporty driving etc.

Best not to trust to pressures selected by Tyre fitters, always check for your self and select then set your TPMS.

This does not mean that you should not still be checking manually your self at least monthly.

No wonder there are accidents when people drive vehicles and dont do any regular checks or adjustment..


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