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Replacement Key Fobs


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hello all, long time lurker, first time poster and looking for some advise...

recently bough a 2000 yaris with only 30K miles on it !

it only came with 1 master key ( 2 buttons) and I want to make another key.

i believe i can do this by buying a blank key from eBay and then buying a used key also from eBay and re programming the key.

what do i need to look for on a used key to get the correct transmitter? i have seen lots of valeo versions but my key has CE 0122 back is this the model type? searching on the net doesnt give many hits with that - the transmitter inside the key deosnt have any numbers on it.

would a CE0123 work?

thanks for any tips or advice you may ive.

thanks in advance


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yep the dealer can do it but im not going to pay £230 !!

i tried a CE2013 chip but it doesnt programme... or im doing it wrong!

however with the reprogramme procedure the confirmation from the car where it locks and unlocks the doors it always 1 more than my selection on the ignition.

i am assuming that when reprogamming a used chip you need to do it in 3 stages....

rewrite, add and then confirm?

or is it just rewrite?

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that would be good, thanks for that.

i have found a few keys on fleabay that i suspect have tokai chips so waiting to hear back from the sellers in the meantime

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after some eBay searching i managed to find some eBay keys that have the older tokai chip ( the grey one with a clear Battery cover) i bought 1 last night for £15 and a blank key casing and blade for £4

ill try programming the chip when it arrives and provide feedback.

for anyone that has added a second key to the car can you give me a quick run down of how you did it.. did you have to do the rewrite/confirmation thing??

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