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Lisa Barnett

Toyota Lucida Estima Over Heating

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We have a toyota lucida estima 2.2tb, 1996, (import), 3CTE, 78, 000 miles.

Car first started over heating on a hot day while towing a trailer on an incline on a bypass. I heard a noise from the back of the car, followed by a small amount of black smoke, the temp shot up very quickly and water was spraying out from the over-flow pipe. Called break down recovery, who pressure tested it and there was no sign of any leaks from any of the hoses. The car then went on from being ok one minute, then over heating the next, but only when going up a hill and going over 60mph.

We did an Oil and filter change, changed the radiator cap, changed the coolant, checked the thermostat. There is no loss of coolant unless it sprays out when too hot and no visible leaks. All pipes that we can get to feels hot. As soon as i take my foot of the accelarator the temp will normally go down slowly. If i put the car heating on full the temp drops straight away.

I know i did have an air blockage as the hot air was blowing cold, but is now hot. (think air must have got in when i changed the coolant).

The old radiator cap makes the header tank bubble and alot of pressure builds up and the coolant comes out of the overflow pipe. The new cap, causes no bubbling etc but the car still over heats. The thermostat was taken out and needs to be put back in.

Various garages have said various things from the head, the waterpump, radiator, hoses collapsing, and we are now very confused and unsure what to do 1st.

Really hope someone can help, as the kids finish school friday and are desperate to go on holiday.



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Sounds like the usual problem; the radiator is clogged up.

Get a new radiator fitted; the problem should be cured.

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