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Rav 4.1 Fuel Leak !

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Why do problems all appear together? If they happen in 3's I should expect something else to go wrong next week :-)

I needed to fill up with fuel yesterday, i'd only put about £20 in when I noticed petrol ****** onto the floor!

Once I stopped fuelling the leaking stopped with just a few extra drips coming off.

Checked this morning and there's been no further evidence of fuel leaking out.

I have a sneaking suspicion it was coming out whatever hose or pipe it is that connects the fuel filler to the actual tank.

Is there a known issue with this component decaying?

Any top tips on the best way to check this out?

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It will almost certainly be a rotten metal pipe, the filler neck from tank opening to the tank itself. I think you might have to drop the tank down a tad to get the neck off the tank, not cheap though, about £120 ish. Apart from the obvious hazard and waste of expensive fuel, it would not pass an MOT like that so needs sorting out properly

Kingo :thumbsup:

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