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Photoshoot - Auto Express Buying Guide

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Hi All

Not sure if anyone can help, but I am looking to source a Land Cruiser from the 2003 - 2009 generation for an Auto Express buying guide.

We have photographic studios in Derby and Beaulieu, Hants, where the car will need to be taken to for 3 - 4 hours, but we will try and fit in around you as much as possible (the photographer can do weekends and into the evenings if necessary). There are a couple of upsides - one, you get to have a set of the pictures taken on the day (worth about £350), two, your car in a national magazine (I think this is an upside for a proud owner!).

The downside is that we don't pay fuel expenses - there is a reason for this which is we normally use cars from dealerships / press fleets and they don't get paid but when the car has an active owners club we always ask thru' the appropriate forum if anyone is interested as they will probably value the photos more.

Unfortunately we can't use white cars as they tend to get 'lost' in the white studio, and black cars usually go to the bottom of the list as they also don't photograph too well - sorry to all owners of white or black Land Cruisers. Coloured cars are good as they 'zing' off the page and grab the readers attention.

If you are interested please let me know either via the forum or send a mail to and I can give further information as necessary.

Many thanks for your time.



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