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1.4 Rolla Owners, Good Car ?

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Decided to now buy a 1.4 Rolla as I cannot find any 1.6 facelift models near Glasgow!

IS the 1.4 a good enough motor ? Tell me the pros and cons please?

BTW, How much would it cost to make a PFL model look like a FL model ? As there are plenty of PFL 1.6's that I could buy. I just like the look of the Fl model much more.

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While the 1.6 is more sought after the 1.4 is good enough - depends on your driving needs, as a city commuter it will be more economic than the 1.6, though not as much punch - otherwise identical cars.

Think if you keep and eye on Auto Trader and the like, you will eventually find a good 1.6 post faccelift - depends on how much you want to pay.

It took some time to find my 1.6 at a fair price from some sound folk, there are many more dubious folk selling on there are well.

Are you looking to buy from a Toyota / dealer with warranty or private with nothing ?

Once viewed and tested make sure you get a full HPI check on the car before actually buying.

You can also get very basic checks done for a couple of quid, if you see some adverts and want to check them before ringing the seller.

Again if you keep checking the AT ads its become clear who are the ones to avoid.

Like any car, seening the full documentation is essental, service book with full service details, receipts a good sign, good mot, check if it states advisories were made.

Also check the log book is in the name and address of the seller - sounds obvious but easy to miss when you are looking at so many other things.

Also see the dvla web site about a batch of stolen log book forms from a couple of years ago, private sellers may still be using them.

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I own a 55 reg 1.4 t-spirit and would argue the 1.4 engine is more sought after as less were produced.

Whilst the 1.6 is quicker it's not by a massive margin (I test drove both and couldn't tell much difference) and its more than made up for by being cheaper to tax, insure and more economical- mine does mostly city driving and I get 41-42 mpg.

The car will comfortably do in excess of the speed limit (when needed :)) and is better when pushed hard rev wise.

All in all I've had mine a year now and its been bomb proof, cheap to run and when I've needed to make long journeys with work on the motorway comfortable.

Hope this helps,


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