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Previa Diff Filler?

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Previa 97


Is that nut in the middle the filler hole? Normally you`d find a filler hole about 3/4s of the way up. I have tried to remove this nut but it appears stuck (even with an impact driver)

I have been emptying the diff then refilling 1.5 litres via the tiny bolt hole at the top (takes forever :( )

I read somewhere that Toyota used front diffs from all-tracs upside down to save on costs when the prev mk1 came near the end of it life, has anyone else heard/ can confirm this? It would explain why the hole is too low.

Many thanks in advance if anyone can help me.

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That is the filler hole, you need to get it open and fill ind Oil to it comes out.

Do not put to much Oil in, because it will heat up your dif. gear.

The top hole is for the hot air to get out, remember to clean the top ventil.

- Allan

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Thanks Allan,

I didn`t know the top bolt is a breather, I haven`t seen a hole to the top bolt, I will check that straight away



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