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Help! Toyota Lite Ace, New Head/ Replacement Engine?

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Hi there,

I'm a new member and desperately need some advice.

I bought a Lite Ace camper back in March, 3 months later just as we were heading on our holidays the engine blew. We'd hoped that it was a simple radiator job but it turns out that we need a complete replacement head, or even new engine! These parts are rare and hard to come by and expensive! Does anyone know if the Corolla engine of the period used the same parts? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Hello there, are you still needing a replacement head for your Liteace? Or have the remains of your engine been scrapped? It's over 2 years since you posted the request?

If you are still looking, then I think either you can help me or I can help you :)

Best wishes


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Hi David,

I was able to find a replacement head - not made by Toyota - That fit and the engine now runs. Only problem is a tapping noise which I have been told is a rod that needs sorting; followed by a quote for £900 to do the job!

It's a great engine apart from that and a really lovely van although it could use some attention to the body. I'm looking to sell the lot in September to an enthusiast who will give her the TLC she deserves.



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