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So the old MR2 has failed the MOT on the rear fog light. I've looked through the owners manual and can find no reference to it whatsoever. I've found a missing fuse in the passenger end of the dash but that's marked FR Fog which I'm assuming is for some aftermarket front lights.

I'm going round in circles at the moment. (I'm assuming the fog light is the bottom left corner of the off-side cluster!!) So...

Is there a separate fuse for the rear fog light?

Is there a separate relay?

What's the easiest way to check the switch?

The car is not an import, there is a warning light in the dashboard display.

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Trying the various light , brake and indicator switches it should be dead easy to ascertain which is the rear fog light.

Have you trid a new bulb or tested for voltage or earth continuity at the bulb holder.

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Hi, the bulb is ok, no volts at the holder. I can't hear a relay clicking in, I thought that maybe it would have one as the switch seems to be a momentary make and I assume a relay is needed to hold the light on.

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Ok, I'm guessing yours is pre 2003 as you say you have no front fog lights?

Front fog lights were added to the facelift model from 2003 onwards. In my manual the fuse for the rear fog lights (I think both clusters light up?) is number 27 which is a 10amp fuse in the side of the dashboard on the passenger side, it also controls the wireless remote control, gauges and meters so assuming their working it can't be that?

Does the fog light icon come on on the dashboard? As you say due to the type of switch a relay must be used to keep them on, I would think it would have its own relay otherwise if another function used the same relay it would affect the operation of the fog lights?

You say there is a warning light on the dash is that the orange engine management light? If you can get hold of an OBD reader (£15 off eBay) then you could read the code and find out what it's reporting.

Another owner told me the indicator relay is located behind the instrument panel so the fog light relay may be there too?

I'll have a listen tomorrow to my car and see if I can hear a click from the relay and where it's coming from :)

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Ok, I've had a look and there are two fog lights so you can count out a blown bulb unless they've both gone?

I can hear a relay clicking when switching them on it sounds like its coming from somewhere behind the air vent/switches to the right of the steering wheel.

I don't know if you can get that switch box out to get access? Either that or from underneath?

Good luck, let us know how you get on....

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Did you get to the bottom of it. I have failed my MOT on this, neither light works but the bulbs work elsewhere so its not them. Have yet to identify the fuse not come across any on the passenger side yet. All other lights and gauges are working.The fog light comes on on the dash- does this help identify where the problem is?

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