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Previa D4D 2003 Engine Gone - Help!

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Earlier this year I recently lost power with the Previa which is obviously something to do with the notorious Previa turbo, but whilst on the way from Surrey to N. Wales the engine developed a loud banging noise and then the engine seized. Before the trip I checked the Oil and it was empty - which was surprising. I topped it up and foolishly headed off up North. Whether the turbo failure and engine breakdown are connected I`m unsure, the AA man suggested that it was probably the Oil pump as there was still Oil in the engine when it broke down. It`s now at a Toyota dealer who, without stripping the engine, reckons the cylinders have gone and it needs a new engine. They quoted 6K for a new engine (just for the part).

I have tried various places to find a remanufactured/reconditioned engine, but the only response I got was from a pushy guy in Manchester who I wouldn`t trust with a packet of biscuits let alone 1,700.00 of my hard earned cash.

The scrap value I have been quoted is 140.00 - is this really all my car is now worth!? The risks and expense associated with buying and installing a replacement engine and turbo seem incredible. Any advise/anecdotes/words of wisdom would be really appreciated.

I am feeling very skint, disheartened, angry and frustrated - I am also going to on holiday on Saturday to the Lakes. Help!

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