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Removing Rust?

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Hello, I want to clean the rust that has formed on the rear axle of my car, i wanted to ask the people here whether they have done this and if so, what was the best method in doing so?

Also, has anyone tried sandblasting?


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To sand blast suspension components you'd need to remove the bits have them sand blasted back to bare metal then have them resprayed in a rust resistant primer and then some sort of protective hardened over coat.

What sort of rust you trying to remove - surface rust?

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Finding the source of the problem is a good step. Then Sand off all the
loose flaky rust.Clean & degrease with a water based cleaner (like
simple green) that'll rinse w/o residue. Then Treat it w/ a metal prep
like Rustblast for good paint adhesion. Apply 2-3 thin coats of
Rustseal. It loves to adhere to rust. It's formula allows it to seep
deep into the metal pores and block out moisture & oxygen.RustSeal
by KBS Coatings
is much like por15 but has advanced formulation and is less expensive.
Some advantages to RustSeal: better adhesion, better pigment quality
& sheens, faster cure times, improved UV performance, and sands w/o
gumming up. Rustseal is self-leveling so brush marks flow out. Topcoat
with your automotive paint.

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