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16" Alloys With Winter Tyres

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So i am contemplating depending on overall cost getting some additional alloys / steelies and winter tyres.

I am thinking of going for 16" alloys / steelies, one to keep the cost down, secondly i quite like the small alloy larger tyre profile look, and apparently smaller alloy size is preferable for using with winter tyres.

Will a 16" alloy be ok for the 2006 RAV4 model, and clear all the breaking mechanisms? I am guessing so as some 16" alloys show as compatible with my vehicle on some alloy sites.

My 18" alloys are stamped as 7.5j, so i assume i should go with 16x7.5J.

Lastly i have used a tyre calculator to check the overall rolling diameter based on my current 18" alloys and tyre size 235 55 R18. This comes in at


When i then compare to find the best tyre size for a 16" alloy to match the rolling diameter it comes in as 225 70 R16, this gives a +0.7% difference coming in at 721. But a few sites give tyre choices as 215 70 R16, the differnce between mine is -1.26 707mm.

So do i need to stick to 215, or is 225 ok, searching forums it seems some people do have 225 on 7.5j alloys.



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