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Rear Parcel Shelf Rav4

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I have notice that there have been a lot of sore heads on this subject.

I may have a solution for everyone.

I am the proud owner of Rav 4 5 door 2005 model.

I have had in my mind to have a middle shelf ever since I saw my friends 2007 CRV with factory made middle shelf.

I am sure that you all know that the top shelf comes out and can be placed on the middle shelf fittings that are already in the Rav4.

I had three strips of MDF cut and used the existing shelf to cut the size.

Also cut away the notches where the side clasp are when u cover with the carpet you will not see them ;)

Then I got some carpet and glued the carpet to the wood, now i have a middle shelf....

It was quite easy and actually the MDF can be cut to size in less than 30 mins.

The glueing takes a while as you need to wait for the glue to dry, then cut away the excess carpet with sharp stanely knife,


I am not a D.I.Y Fanatic. the only tools i used was a Handsaw pencil and stanely knife.

Oh and the hoover to clean up my mess from cutting (wife made me guys lol).

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Sounds like a brilliant idea, Chaz! Now, how about some pictures of the finished product? :)

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