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03 1.4 T2 Corolla Clutch Question


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My friend has a 03 1.4 T2 with 64000 miles. I sold him the car in the last year, having driven it for 2 years from 33000 miles. On road I was always very careful not to ride clutch, though I had quite a tight reversing manoevre into my driveway between a wall and another car which may not have helped it.

At the start of the time I owned it there was often a judder, particularly when cold or hill starting. This has since disappeared. More recently I have found the biting point has got very high (not far from the top of the pedal), and there is an occasional squeak if the clutch is under more strain, for example on a hill start. Another friend who has worked on cars before also thought the bite was very high.

When I asked about it at my local Toyota centre a few months back the guy said not to worry, that Corollas are bulletproof and in his 5 year experience he hadn't known of any new shape Corollas needing clutches replaced.

I am still not convinced though! Does anyone have any experience of clutch issues on this model or thoughts on whether the car may need a new clutch or not? Thanks in advance!


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I know this is a realy old ppost so it probably wont help much but im having exactly the same issue, i brought my 1.4 T3 with 99k on the clock, and the clutch is biting very high, but it only takes about an inch of movement from fully depressed for the car to roll, it has been fitted with a towbar which tells me the old user used to tow, which could have increased clutch wear, as to the squeaking my dad recons its the clutch release bearing, signs of a worn clutch basically, still drives fine, im obviously just a bit worried

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