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Corolla 2.0L D4-D Injectors

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Hi there, my corolla is in the garage at the moment (2.0L D4-D) after having the engine light come up a couple of times. They plugged her in and the fault came up as "fuel system leak" the mechanic said that in his experience, with these engines, it was most likely that the injectors were faulty and that a new set would be £1000 or so + the cost of having the original set sent off and tested + labour = ££££!

Does anyone have an experience with this fault, is it fairly common? to get it right will i really have to dig deep into my pockets?

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Hello mate, sorry to hear that. I had the same problem. Light came on but car still ran great. Took it to Toyota who charged £40 for a diagnosis. One injector was leaking £2500 for four as they always change them all together.

Unfortunately the car was out of warranty by about 5 months and luckily Toyota GB agreed to pay for the parts. All I had to pay as labour. I know its not what you want to hear but there you go.

You could perhaps change just the one and hope the others are ok....that's what I was going to do!

Good luck


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