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Celica St185 Gt4 Start Problem

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Hello my fellow Toyota owners. :drunk:

I have a little (Big!!) problem, i bought a ST185 a month ago, and i wont start.

I have tried almost anything, and i am out of idea's :hang:

I have changed the hole ignition system to new from Toyota, new Battery, new spark plugs. new pressure hoses from intake manifold, from ic to turbo. from turbo and to air flow meter, new filter and new Oil.

And there is new petrol in it to.

I have no clue what the hell it is wrong.... :dots:

It hasten been started in 3 years, and haven't been standing outside. the tank is cleaned out.

There is no engine fails..

Full compression on all 4 cylinders.

Can some one help? :disgust:

PS; ill upload a video, where ill try to start it.

Sorry for my bad English :)

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Take #1 spark plug out(saves you removing intercooler)place against metal engine lift bracket(or similar),get someone to turn engine over and check for spark,if spark check for fuel delivery,if plug is wet and smells of fuel you probably don't have spark.If you've got fuel and spark,try timing(if you turn it over long enough does it 'pop' or 'bang'? Maybe igniter(coil)

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I have tryed and there is a good spark, and there is fuel delivery, timing is ok too, is sometimes goes like it have a hard time to pull the starter around. I have an used but okay Coil on the way.

I have a good spark and i tryed to take the old sparkpluks in an still no sign :(

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