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Multuple Warning Lights On

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I have a 2007 RAV4 (ZR6 Model)

The following warning lights come on intermittently:





Downhill Assist

Turn indicators intermittent

Audio/GPS intermittant.

At the moment the P/S light is on and there is no steering assistance, and the turn indicators don't work. The rest is working at the moment, but it will play up again as has been doing it for a while now.

(Hazard lights work every time)

I bought a manual online and have been studying it while watching the Olympics. (Congrats on a great show)

The thing in common with all these systems seems to be connectors JB3 and JB4, located under the dash, and the CAN system.

Has anyone encountered (and solved) this problem?

Would appreciate any ideas before I start attacking it.



Brisbane Australia

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Hi and welcome to the club.

Glad you like the BBC HD images.

Unfortunately we are not familiar with your model here but is closely represents the US model. It might be worthwhile posting the same question on their site which we are very close to anyway in terms of sharing information that does cross over. Follow this link but feel free to visit us any time;

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Thanks Anchorman,

I fixed it!

I started the motor and selected the non- working turn indicator then went systematicly around the car banging and tapping any junction box or connector I could find or get access to, especially anything around the instrument panel or indicators.

When I got to the left (passenger) footwell and tapped the major junction box located there, guess what! the indicator stared working.

Got good access to the area for a closer look and found that a plug at the back was not pushed home. Gave it a good push and heard a satisfying click as it moved into place. Had to stop and restart the engine to get rid of he warning lights, and that was it.. job done. Im sure this fault was introduced during instalation of the tow hitch and not during assembly as there is a non standard loom comming from the rear to the loose plug's loom.

Been battling this from a more technical viewpoint for a while. I still don't have a clue where the fault was on the circuit diagram!

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

(Settling down with a cup of tea to watch the mens marathon now).


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Nice looking motor CW and well done for fixing the fault. The only snags I have ever had with mine (broken clips and trim) are the result of a heavy handed third party trying to fit reversing sensors. I always prefer to my own then I know exactly what I've been fiddling with.



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