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08 Auris Sat Nav (B9005) A2Dp Or Line In?

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Dear All,

I've recently acquired an Auris T Spirit which unusually has come with the B9005 SAT NAV system. Whilst its mapping is a bit out of date, its upgradeable via DVD - no problems there. What I am wondering is, is the unit compatible with bluetooth audio streaming or if there is a way to make this possible via firmware upgrades. If not, is it possible to add a "line in" functionality? I'm not really a fan of CD's and prefer to carry my audio connection on my phone. Thanks in advance.

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I also have a B9005 and I did some research into it. Apparently, Toyota with fit an iPod connector kit for about £200-£300. They can also fit an amp for about the same. There is an item on ebay that plugs into the the external CD changer socket but you can insert a SD card into it with all your mp3's on, about £80.

If you search google images you see some photos of the sockets (i think they are the same as the B9004 but not sure).

What I want to know is how to remove the unit to fit stuff myself.


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