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Diesel Tank Replacement Procedure?

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I've got a new diesel tank for my Avensis 2L TD, to replace the old one which is leaking due to the rust. My mechanic is on holidays...

While googling cannot see any Toyota related DIY guides on replacement, but for other makes it looks pretty straight forward job for a handy man.

Has anyone completed this procedure themselves and can share some experience?

btw, going to replace fuel filter at the same time

thanks in advance!

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ok, I replaced the tank, need to test it tomorrow

here is steps I took:

negative pole disconnected

bricks under front wheels

fuel in cup opened

back seat lifted, sticky lead removed to access suction unit > wire disconnected + two rubber pipes (supply and return)

good idea to lose 10 bolts there as well

car jacked up both sides, bricks to support

exhaust lovered down a bit with support (3+2 screws)

the tank is held to the body by two metal bands, one has exhaust shiled attached

unscrew hand brake cable retainers from bands

leave exhaust protecting shield attched to support bar

unclip two fuel supply/return pipes (corner of tank)

remove bands and now you need to support tank (bricks, etc)

disconnect two filler pipes (small and big).

unscrew dead end (air suction unit) of another plastic T- pipe, other two ends of which are connected to the tank via white plastic sockets ( evaporation system assembly )

tank removed

parts removed from old tank and fitted onto new: suction unit, evaporation assembly (T-shape hose with white sockets), x6 sticky cushions.

there were no issues putting new tank in, but only one: new tank had shorter filler pipe (smaller one), so other end of rubber pipe had to be released a bit

remember: all parts are easy to dismount once you are in a right position

I hade to use W40 all time as all bolts were quite rusty

will replace fuel filter tomorrow, some diesel in and - test!

will upload some pictures once media library will be back up running

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test was successful, car started no problem :))

Steps I took to replace fuel filter (located on the left back of the engine):

- car Battery negative pole still disconnected

- 5 litres of diesel in my tank

- fuel filter is easy accessible and removable, nothing needs to be cleared of the way before

- disconnected two rubber pipes, some diesel leaks out, so prepare the cloth

- unplugged two connectors

- unscrewed the filter with hands

- be careful, it is full of diesel, has to be emptied once removed

- filter is removed with the bottom white part with wire+ connector attached (level warning+drain plug)

- white part removed and fitted onto new filter

- ! new filter filled in with diesel - then fitted

- two hoses reattached (I tried to pump (10-15 times) each hose plugged - the diesel did not leak :()

- two connectors plugged back

- did few more pumps

- connected car Battery, then did few more pumps again

- car key in ignition position for 1 min hoping to regain fuel system pressure

- engine started from the first time almost perfect - with 2-3 hiccups

- took car for a ride - my beast is back to life! :)))

thanks to where I got parts naming and purpose right (search by VIN number)

Have made some pictures during work, but not possible to upload those here at the moment... but can share them on request

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Good job well done mate, thanks for taking the time to write it up with all the details, I'm sure someone else will benefit from you efforts. I will look forward to seeing the pictures if you can get them on here.

Regards Pete.

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now I can upload pictures :) start viewing from the bottom ;)


















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I just did a fuel tank replacement on a 2006 corolla verso D4D and the car now has a high idle and misfires under load. 

What do you think could be the cause?

Im thinking an air leak in the fuel outlet from the tank. 


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Hi, i recently changed my fuel tank on my Corolla Verso 2.2 2006.

I have changed the tank but have a problem. My fuel gauge is always showing full.

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Well done you. Out of interest what did the tank cost?

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Most likely that either the electrical connection to the fuel tank sender unit is damaged or not making a proper connection, or the physical sender unit is jammed or sticking so can't move down with the level of the fuel inside the tank.

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Hi. I need to replace a tank in my 2006 Verso 2.2 D4D. Can I get to a fuel pump from inside the car? Second row is 3 separate seats. Or do I need to drop down the tank and then dismantle the pump?


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