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New Member With Sunroof And Clunk Question.

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I have just bought a 1996 RAV4 (3 door) with 85,000 miles on the clock. It has a full Toyota FSH so the mileage is Ok I hope and it does look in good condition.

It was a bit of an implusive purchase - previously I had owned a Micra for 12 years from new which shows you how daring I am when it comes to cars. (Though the Micra was so reliable it was spooky - nothing wrong with it after 150k miles - apart from the odd leak and my wife hated it.)

Anyway I am stressing over a few things and wondered if anyone could help.

1) The front sunroof panel has some bubbling paint right at the front of it - I expected to see some rust coming through but I cannot see any. Should I scrape it off and stick some primer/touch-up paint on it?

2) There is a clunk sound from the back when it goes over a pothole. Should I be worried about suspension problems? I thought at first the back door was not shut properly.

3) When it comes to servicing and other work would a local garage be able to cope with a RAV4? Are there any questions I should ask to see if they know what they are talking about?

I love the look of it and the driving position though I am not so sure I liked the £60+ to fill it up so much but there you go.



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Hi Les and welcome to the club.

You won't mind that bill when the snow comes!!!

You should be OK scrfaping the paint off. If you don't do something it will only get worse.

The clunk is common at the back. One of the 4.1 guys will no doubt find you a link to some info. There are some rubber bushes to change on the rear axle.

Just ask round for a local garage. Most should be OK and will probably sort out that clunk too.

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