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Toyota Extended Warranties

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I have a 2008 Model Avensis 2.2 D-4D 5dr Hatch. When I bought my car it had about 2 months left of the original Toyota warranty (3 years) which I then took out the extended 2 year warranty - this expires in February 2013.

Can anyone tell me if this can be extended for a further 2 years and if any warranty claims will affect the standard charges - currently I have been paying £38 per month.

I had the water pump and front headlamp unit (due to condensation problem) replaced but I think these were repaired under the original manufacturers warranty. However, I have been advised that the injectors might need to be reconditioned which has been arranged to be done next week by the Toyota dealer but under warranty. Apparently a diagnostic check carried out during a routine intermediate service detected a slight misfire - I hadn't noticed anything wrong but they are the experts and recommended that it be done.

Might give the warranty people a call but wondered if anyone has had a similar experience with extending the warranty period for a further 2 years (the car will be 7 years old when that expires), is 7 years a cut off period or not?



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it looks like you can now renew within the first 8 years/100k miles.

You should be able to renew for a further 2 years but it isn't going to be cheap so whether it represents vfm is up to you ...

The standard charges shouldn't change but if you hadn't used it then you would have got a £50 voucher on renewal.

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Hmm... long story!

(sorry for not replying earlier - holodays...)

I have a 2007 model, and after the first two years extention that I have doen, I wanted to renew for another two years. My car has more then 100000mile.

Despite fulfiling all the conditions, I could not renew the warrenty for two years. According to docomentation, you should be able to renew for two years only with the dealer, but the moment the dealer put in my registration number, it say that no product is available. I spoke with TWG (|toyoyta Warrenty Group), and they have confirmed that they can only renew the warrenty for 1 year, and only the dealer (that act as their agent...) can do two years. Did I mention that the dealer cannot do that? After going back and force a few times, between the dealer and TWG, they (TWG gave me a final decision, that the warrenty cannot be renewed for two years. I have not written anything here, as the matter is now with the Ombudsman... I see it as miss-selling, as I have done this on the premiss that I will be able to renew for tow years (and I fullfil all required conditions as stated on the document). The most annoying thing is I was told I will be able to renew for another separate year when the current one finishes, so to my opinion it is only money isseues (they did spend quite a lot of money on mine, not the engine, but he turbo was replaced).

I am awating the ombudsman decision, but I am trully disappointed with TWG (I am happy with the car!) as they did not treat me very nice.

If you have any different experience, I would like to know.

Hope this helps


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