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Lost Pictures


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I uploaded many pics of my install of my car in various forms. Many of the pics have survived and are in my gallery of pics, but still quite a few pics that i know that are missing.

I know the forum got updated sometime ago, and various things changed in the process, which happened to be gallery pics.

Lucky for me, and after some searching on google i've managed to find some, not all, of the pics that i know i thought i lost.

I'm not sure if this was part of the change within the forum, and was to make space for newer stuff to be replaced with, but would be good to see this added back to the forum as most of the pics i found and saw, many peeps took their time and effort to take and upload for here.

I'm not going to put the web address here, incase it causes problems, but can PM it over to see if this was just left out or was part of the revamp.

Let me know


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