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Irritating Noise Coming From The Boot - 2012 1.4 Diesel


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Hi all,

My new Yaris has just gone past 4k and running well - fuel economy isn't quite what I was expecting, but there you go.

One real annoying part though is I've got a noise coming from the boot - metallic noise really high-pitched - I've tried everything to find it, but nothing. Anyone had a similar probem or is it just me??


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This could be the hatchback fastening catch that needs greasing. this used to be a common problem on the earlier Yaris and was solved by ensuring that the latch/catch was kept lubricated

Hope this helps :)

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Hope this helps as i had a high pitched squeek from the passenger side of the boot near the rear seats.I spent ages with the trim off and driving round with people in the back to help find where it was coming from.

My solution turned out to be to wedge a piece of dense rubber in the u shaped bracket that the rear seat back slots onto so you really have to push the seat back with force to engage the locking mechanism and that stopped it straight away.

It seems the noise was made by the clasp that secures around the u shaped bar moving slightly when the car went over bumps etc and rubbing metal against metal.

Good luck

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Have you double checked that you haven't left your mother-in-law in there?

I used to get an irritating noise from the passenger seat in my 2008 Yaris.......

Such old jokes! I was going to use them!

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What is your MPG your getting on the Diesel?

At 4k i would think your not quite run in and should find mpg getting better from 8k on.

I'm getting a good steady 60 mpg all types of driving, and I dont hang arround.

The 6 speed box on the Diesel makes this one fast car.


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I had a weird noise coming from the boot; On inspection it turned out the jack under the boot floor in the recess was rubbing against the metal floor! I had to paint it where it had scored the paint to the metal and have put a little mat for it to rest on now :lol:

MPG of my last tank on my Mk1 D4D hit 74.6mpg :yahoo: (About 400 miles of that was 2 london-to-brummyham-and-back runs admittedly :D)

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