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Avensis T22 00 Stv Car Stereo

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Have anyone installed a stereo with amps in this car ?

I got a project going, but im not pleased with the "pop" from the middle/sub when i turn off my cdplayer. I guess this is cause the ground part is bad. It seems that this car may not have a good spot with lots of metal? Now i need some tips where to find good ground. Both in front, and in the back.

Im thinking about streching a 1 gauge / 50mm2 ground cable from the Battery negative terminal to the bad groundspot in the back, but this will be like 4-5 meters..?

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Why dont you use the ground from the rear lights, use a tester to find a good earth. I might a save you buying a long earthing cable.

You need to remove paint at your chosen point. You also need to place a relay or something else (not sure) to help with switching.

Another idea is to used the head unit to switch off the power amp. You may have already done that.

If nothing works, seek expert help.

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