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Air Conditioner Not Cooling


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I have a Corolla VVT-i (2005 model).

It's no longer blowing out cold air - the air temp seems to be the same as when the air con is turned off. The green light comes on, but it's not indicating a fault.

There's also no water coming out of the bottom of the car after using the air con.

I did notice a few weeks ago that the vents were blowing out some condensation for a few minutes, but the problem with it not cooling started even before that and it was a very humid day when the condensation was visible.

Any ideas please on a possible fix?


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check to see if the compressor is working ok.

If you can, try find somebody with an air-con gauge, connect it on see you can see if it has pressure, if not you can get top-up cans from Halfords for air-con, so get a can and inject it in, see if that helps.

otherwise, it could be a case of get toyota garage to give it a check over.

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